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Services for Holy Week and Pascha
Saturday, April 16 - Lazarus Saturday. Divine Liturgy 10 am. 
Then Vespers of Palm Sunday, 5 pm.
Sunday, April 17 - PALM SUNDAY - Divine Liturgy 10 am. 
Then Bridegroom Matins, 6 pm.
Monday, April 18 - Holy Monday - Bridegroom Matins, 6 pm
Tuesday, April 19 - Holy Tuesday - Bridegroom Matins, 6 pm
Wednesday, April 20 - Holy Wednesday - Service of Holy Unction, 6 pm
Thursday, April 21 - Holy Thursday - Mystical Supper Vesperal Liturgy, 10 am
Then Matins with 12 Passion Gospels, Thursday at 6 pm
Friday, April 22 - Holy Friday - Vespers with taking down from the Cross at 4 pm
Then Matins with Lamentations before the Tomb, Friday at 7 pm
Saturday, April 23 - Holy Saturday - Blessed Sabbath Liturgy, 10 am
Midnight Service, Matins, and Divine Liturgy, Saturday night at 11:30 pm
Sunday, April 24 - Agape Vespers, 1 pm


Lenten Season is HERE!

Glory to God for all things!  We are thankful to offer this chart each year. It is lovingly created by Fr. Jonathan Bannon, and it travels around the world. It has been shared and translated in multiple languages, so you can think of people around the world walking this journey with you, together, as the body of Christ.

 Click here to download the chart. Ancient Faith Blog

The Mission of The Orthodox Church in America, the local autocephalous Orthodox Christian Church, is to be faithful in fulfilling the commandment of Christ to “Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…”   

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