Holy Week and Pascha 2024
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Holy Week and Pascha – 


Saturday, April 27 - Lazarus Saturday, Divine Liturgy at 10 am
Saturday, April 27 - Vespers of Palm Sunday (Triumphal Entry) at 5 pm
Sunday, April 28 - PALM SUNDAY, Divine Liturgy at 10 am
Sunday, April 28 - First Bridegroom Matins, 5 pm
Monday, April 29 - Bridegroom Matins, 6:30
Tuesday, April 30 - Final Bridegroom Matins, 6:30
Wednesday, May 1  - Holy Unction, 6 pm
Thursday, May 2 - Mystical Supper Liturgy, 10 am
Thursday, May 2 - Matins of Twelve Passion Gospels, 6 pm
Friday, May 3 - Vespers with Taking down from the Cross, 4 pm
Pot-luck meal between Vespers & Matins services 
Friday, May 3 - Matins with Lamentations at the Lord’s Tomb, 7 pm
Saturday, May 4 - Blessed Sabbath Liturgy, 10 am
Saturday, May 4 - HOLY PASCHA, 11:30 pm
Sunday, May 5 - Agape Vespers, 2 pm (see May 12)
Sunday, May 12 - Agape Picnic & Egg hunt (was postponed from May 5 due to inclement weather) Please join us 


Explanation of services for Wednesday- Pascha Sunday
Sacrament of Holy Unction, 6 pm
This Holy Mystery is celebrated for the healing of the sick. After a canon is sung, praying for our healing, seven epistles and gospels are read, and seven prayers are prayed in blessing of the oil. All Orthodox Christians may be anointed with oil of the healing of bodily and spiritual illnesses. We will also have other holy oils available for any (including non-Orthodox) who wish to be anointed with them after the service.
mystical supper.jpg
Mystical Supper Divine Liturgy, 10 am
This Liturgy commemorates the first Divine Liturgy ever celebrated, when Christ celebrated it in the Upper Room in Jerusalem on Holy Thursday night. We also remember Judas’ betrayal of the Lord for thirty pieces of silver.
12 Passion Gospels, 6 pm
In this service we read twelve gospel passages recalling Christ’s final words to His disciples on Thursday night, His betrayal by Judas, His trial before the High Priest, His trial before the Roman governor, His scourging and mockery, and His Crucifixion.
Friday Afternoon - Vespers with the Taking Down from the Cross, 4 pm
This service recalls the Crucifixion and death of Christ, and His holy body being taken down from the Cross, anointed for burial, and being laid in the tomb by His disciples. (Fasting potluck supper follows the service.)
Friday evening - Matins with the Lamentations, 7 pm
In this service we sing the burial hymns before the tomb of our Lord, and process around the church carrying the icon of Christ in the tomb. We ponder the mystery that He who is Life itself and who gives Life to all, now is lying in the grave.
(All night vigil reading psalms at the tomb - see sign up sheet in church.)
Saturday morning - Divine Liturgy of the Blessed Sabbath, 10 am
As the Lord observes the “sabbath rest” in the tomb with His body, and as His soul descends to Hades to bring light and salvation to those held captive there, we have the Vesperal Liturgy with 13 Old Testament readings, each expressing in some way our faith in Christ’s resurrection and saving us through the water of baptism.
Saturday night - HOLY PASCHA, beginning at 11:30 pm
Christ our Savior breaks the bonds of Hades and rises from the tomb, and we celebrate the Resurrection of our Savior and His triumph over death!
(Pascha baskets will be blessed after the service in the hall.)
Sunday afternoon - Agape Vespers (Vespers of Love), 2 pm
Our celebration of Christs Resurrection continues with this special Vespers service, with the reading of the Gospel in various languages, followed by a potluck picnic and egg hunt.


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