Orthodox Education

Whether one is cradle Orthodox or a convert to the Orthodox Faith, we soon realize that we must continue to live into our baptism and chrismation. This includes a continuous integration and comprehension (as far as is within our human capacity) of that which we have received. We are commissioned in our baptism to also “go forth and make disciples of all nations” Matt. 28:10, which implies teaching. In order to do so we must live the life in Christ as He has revealed it. However, this includes a continuous learning. Conversion is a life long process, not an event that takes place statically at a moment in time. Thus, we continue our education, and to learn what it is we believe so that we can proclaim it from the roof tops. “Stand firm and hold to the traditions that you were taught by us.” 2 Thess. 2:15.

One might say there are two forms of Orthodox education: catechism and continuing education. Catechism is the program of study established to prepare those catechumens (literally: hearers) for baptism and chrismation, reception into the Church, and conversion to Christ. They embrace and enter into our liturgical life, as well as learn the precepts of the Orthodox Faith. However, it is common for cradle and converts to attend catechumen classes to continue their education.

What might be called “continuing education” consists of an Orthodox Christian’s life long growth into our faith, not only spiritually, but also intellectually. Orthodoxy might be called “holistic” in that it comprises a total participation and reintegration of the whole human person: body, mind, and spirit. Continued education and study is one way in which we engage our intellectual capacity, which in turn feeds our soul. This continuing education also equips us to “go forth and teach all nations…” Matt.28:19, and to proclaim the Gospel to those whom may not have heard it or heard a distorted version of it.

All are invited to join in any of our programs of study as they are offered!