Sermons and Reflections

On Fear

On Sexual Sin, Despair, & Love of God

On Disappointed Fishermen

Homily On Acquiring the Faith of the Martyrs

Homily on Increasing the Lord’s Talent

Synaxarion for St. Zacharias & On the Law as Everlasting Ordinance

On Spiritual Fortitude & The Seizure of Christ’s Inheritance

On St  Alexander and Arius & On Discenment and Delusion

On the Beheading of St. John the Baptist

Article: On Original Sin

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On the Venerable Monk, St. Poemen of Egypt

Article: On Theosis


On Christianity for the Strong & On the Likeness

Prayers for Our Nation: Sermon One

On the Salvation of the Universe & On Communion

On the Prophet Samuel & On Egypt

On the Icon Made-Without-Hands

On the Dormition of the Theotokos & Ever-Virgin Mary (2015)