Welcome to St. Cyril of Jerusalem Orthodox Church!



WHETHER you are visiting an Orthodox Church for the first time, or are an Orthodox Christian currently living in the Houston area, you are most welcome! We invite you to come to our services and visit with us at coffee hour. We would like to share our life and have you become part of our community. To all who seek Christ and His fulness we say: Come and see! 




This is one of the 12 Great Feasts of the Church year, and commemorates the presentation of the three-year old child Mary in the temple in Jerusalem. Please join us as we celebrate this Feast Day together.   VISITORS WELCOME!

Regular Service Schedule 

– Sunday mornings, Divine Liturgy, 9:30 a.m.
PLEASE NOTE that Saturday Vespers are cancelled until further notice.
– Feast Day Services as announced – see our weekly bulletin
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St. Cyril is moving back to The Woodlands/Conroe area SOON!

Afriend of the Parish has graciously
offered to pay for a professional painter  to paint the new church and hall. Therefore we have changed the schedule for Friday to a GENERAL WORK DAY. There is much work still to be done in the buildings such as cleaning, floor prep for both buildings etc.  
 “General Work Weekend” –
November 23 
9 am – 5 pm 
 The more people who show up, the quicker the job will go, so please consider using your Black Friday Weekend an opportunity to donate your time instead of spending your money!
To RSVP by email –stcyrilparishsec@gmail.com.  Let us know if you are attending and Supplies you are bringing.
Or To RSVP via Facebook –
Follow floating link on this site to Facebook and check GOING
To keep our expenses down, we are asking everyone to bring whatever supplies they can to this work day. Please provide as much detail as possible . Here is a list of the most needed items:
Work gloves
Caulking guns
Small step ladders (3 to 6 feet max)
Small sponges (no Brillo pad) or rags
Fine grit sandpaper (400 to 800 grit)
nail removers
Screw guns
Linoleum glue
Mops and buckets
Floor cleaner
General cleaner
liquid nails
Exacto knife




Power has now been turned on in the buildings. The decking that leads up to and connects the buildings is nearly completed, and we are set to begin work on the roof that will cover the decking. We will soon need assistance with painting both buildings and laying flooring in the church. The installation of the septic system will probably be the final step in the preparation of the buildings for our use. We are hoping to be able to start having services and classes by or before December 1. At that point we also hope begin a series of classes studying the Divine Liturgy on Tuesday evenings. 


BUILDING UPDATE – OCTOBER 31, 2018 The construction phase  to the hall and church are nearly complete. Construction of the decking leading up to and connecting the buildings began this week. Be on the lookout for upcoming workdays in November.   We will ask for volunteers to come help with clean up, painting, landscaping etc. Start looking through your garage or store room for  supplies you may have such as paint rollers, extension poles, paint pans, drop cloths, cleaning supplies such as brooms and mops, and lawn and garden supplies etc. Keep your eyes on the website and Facebook pages for more information as it becomes available.  If you are not on our email list – please PM us and we will get you added.  



9000 Hwy 242, The Woodlands, TX 77385 

The buildings are being built out to serve as a church and a hall. We have dug trenches for electricity waiting for electric company to come install power. In spite of the rain, we have continued to steadily work on building out the interior of the 2 buildings. We continue to pray for dry weather so that soil will dry up enough to install the septic system, the decking and landscaping . Please continue to pray with us.   THANK YOU to all who have worked so hard in the mud to dig the trenches and lay cable!  More volunteers will be needed soon for interior painting etc.  




The Modular church buildings have been successfully moved to St. Cyril’s new location at 9000 Hwy 242, The Woodlands, TX. There is much work to be done including conversion from classroom buildings to our church and fellowship hall. We anticipate this will take approximately a month. Please be sure to check in for updates.



The decking and skirting of the two modular buildings has now been removed. This week the mover will be making preparations for transporting them, including dividing each building lengthwise, bracing them and covering the openings with heavy plastic sheeting. The buildings cannot be moved until we have all received the relevant permits from Montgomery county and the septic tank has been placed.


Sept 10 Update: St. Cyril’s is happy to announce the two modular buildings were acquired this week.  The land preparation is complete and septic system will soon be installed.  Work will begin this Saturday to ready the buildings for the move to 9000 Hwy 242, Conroe Tx. (one mile east of I-45). We hope to be meeting at our new location by the end of October. Please pray that the Lord would bless this endeavor and guide us in His holy will for our mission. If you would like to volunteer to help, please contact us at  the following email:  StCyrilParishSec@gmail.com


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